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Provides cosmetic care for chalky nails

"It worked wonders for me! I saw improvements after only two weeks. - Miriam Crouse

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The Pedi Pen is ideal for daily nail care and is suitable for cosmetic care for nail fungus.

Hygiene and care for nail fungus: Thanks to the high-quality care complex created with lemon juice, tea tree oil, vitamin E and aloe vera, the Pedi Pen has an antifungal effect and works as a cosmetic care supplement for fungal nail infections.

Strengthened nails: The Pedi Pen also provides remarkable support for cracked and brittle nails, as its serum ensures optimal hydration and supports long-term regeneration.

Unique effect: The Pedi Pen Nail Matrix Technology™ ensures that its ingredients penetrate the nail root and unleash their full effect there.

Nail Matrix Technology™: Lemon juice opens up the nail at the cellular level, allowing the antifungal ingredients, such as tea tree oil, and nutrients, such as vitamin E, to reach the nail root (matrix) and unleash their full effect.

The aloe vera also strengthens the microflora of the nail and keeps it in good condition, as well as moisturising and providing a regenerating effect.

Vitamin C regulates and stabilises the pH value and promotes collagen synthesis. The Pedi Pen also has an antioxidant effect and inhibits minor inflammation.

Thanks to the unique Nail Matrix Technology™ and 100% natural ingredients, the Pedi Pen is the ideal tool for healthy, strong and beautiful nails.

✔ Provides cosmetic care for fungal nail infection
✔ Results in attractive and manicured nails
✔ Moisturises and regenerates
✔ Protects and strengthens

More than 100,000 success stories.
Will yours be next?

"After four months of using the Pedi Pen, the nail fungus was completely gone!".


"After only two weeks of using the pen, the fungus stopped growing. After four months of use, it was completely gone."


"I am very happy with it and highly recommend the Pedi Pen"


"I tried everything before, I stopped wearing open-toed shoes. Within four months, the fungus was completely gone."


"My nail has completely healed and the fungus hasn't come back!".


The original Nail Matrix Technology™ recipe for strong, healthy and well-groomed nails.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E effectively stimulates nail growth and repairs the damaged structure.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has antiseptic properties and provides cosmetic foot and nail fungus care.

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Lemon juice

Lemon juice "opens" the nail at the cellular level, allowing all the active ingredients to penetrate directly into the nail root.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is ideal for nail care, as it is a disinfectant and antiseptic.

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The revolutionary formula for nail care

The unique formula of the Pedi Pen combines several ingredients with scientifically proven antibacterial and antifungal properties. In addition, it can also provide cosmetic care for an infected nail.

La fórmula revolucionaria para el cuidado de las uñas

La fórmula única de Lápiz para cuidado de uñas combina varios ingredientes con propiedades antibacterianas y antifúngicas comprobadas científicamente. Además, también puede proporcionar un cuidado cosmético para una uña calva.

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365-day guarantee

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. That's why your purchase is protected with a 365-day money-back guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with the Pedi Pen, you will receive a full refund of the purchase price, even if you have already used the product.

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Natural nail care with the Pedi Pen

Looking for natural nail care that really works? You've come to the right place at Pedi Glam! The Pedi Pen can be perfectly integrated into your daily beauty routine, as it complements the treatment of infected nails, and its natural ingredients will help you restore the health of your nails. You no longer have to rely solely on traditional nail care products for infected nails that only combat the fungus itself and neglect the care of your nails. The Pedi Pen provides cosmetic care for fungal nail infections and can be used several times a day.

A pen for attractive, manicured nails:

• Your tool to effectively combat minor inflammations
• Supports nail regeneration
• Provides plenty of hydration
• Has an antioxidant effect

But where exactly does this one-of-a-kind product come from? The Pedi Pen comes from Germany. Together with natural ingredients of the highest quality and the latest scientific knowledge, the Pedi Pen will become your go-to treatment method for your nails. Many customers can no longer live without it.

Effectively combats and prevents chalky nails

Especially when the nails are optically affected, discolored and crumbling, people wonder how they can quickly remedy the fungal infection. This does not surprise us, as we see our toes and feet throughout the day, especially in summer, when we usually wear open shoes. However, the hot and humid climate of closed shoes during the summer months is not conducive to rapid healing. Unfortunately, it must be said that the treatment of bald nails is usually long-term, especially if it has already spread. Regardless of the severity of the condition, topical treatment is always recommended. In more severe cases, the doctor may prescribe ointments or a medication to treat bald nails.

Our pen is a natural cosmetic support to combat chalky nails. The aloe vera present can strengthen the natural nail microflora and provide the nail with the necessary moisture. Whether it is a fungal infection or not, the Pedi Pen takes care of the nail in a gentle and long-lasting way. Moreover, Aloe Vera contributes to this, as well as the vitamin C present.

What is nail infection, and how can it occur?

A calloused nail is a fungal infection that can manifest on the fingernails and toenails. However, the latter are affected much more frequently because our feet are exposed to greater mechanical stresses. This type of stress can cause small lesions to develop more quickly, which can be an ideal entry point for pathogens or nail fungus. In addition, people often walk barefoot in the summer, which can also trigger minor injuries. A warm and humid climate prevails in swimming pools, sauna or gym showers, and nail fungus love this climate. In short, getting an infected nail can happen incredibly fast. You shouldn't be ashamed of it because it can happen to anyone. But, you have to do something about the infection to avoid risks. An infection can cause your nails to become permanently damaged, break and look unsightly. Usually at first, the nail has a dull or matte appearance over time, it becomes yellowish-white. Therefore, one of the main concerns of those affected is to get rid of the chalky nail as soon as possible. With the Pedi Pen, this is no longer simply a wish, this product will help you regain healthy and strong nails.

The Pedi Pen against infected nails: 

If you want to fight an acute fungal infection, the Pedi Pen can be a great cosmetic support. It is usually used three times a day; morning, afternoon and evening. If used regularly, one pen will last for approximately one month. For best results, we recommend lightly filing the affected areas of the nail to remove the brittle parts. Once this step has been successfully completed, apply the pen to the affected areas and allow the solution to absorb into the nail.

Aloe vera: What are the benefits of this miracle plant?

The aloe vera plant is not only a classic houseplant, but also one of the so-called medicinal plants. Its numerous uses for health and beauty are almost endless. For this reason, it is also an essential ingredient in our Pedi Pen. The gel of this plant has several healing properties. For example, the gel has cooling properties for open wounds and promotes the healing process. In general, this plant is perfect for poorly healing wounds. As aloe vera moisturises the nails, promotes their regeneration, and strengthens the microflora of the nails. The Pedi Pen benefits from natural ingredients and their effects.

What is vitamin E?

Vitamin E, also called tocopherol, is one of the best-known vitamins. It protects our cells from free radicals and involves various metabolic processes. This vital vitamin is important in the daily diet, and offers many skin and nail care benefits. This vitamin is especially important for our health, as it regulates pH levels and stimulates collagen synthesis. In addition, it protects cells from oxidative stress. Our Pedi Pen is an advanced preventative that, unlike a conventional nail fungus medication, can also treat your nail fungus infection cosmetically. The goal is not only to cure your nail fungus infection, but also to restore the natural beauty of your nails.

What if I don't need the Pedi Pen anymore? Take your nail care to the next level!

You can use the Pedi Pen at any time, as it naturally cares for your nails, even if you don't have a fungal infection. It protects and strengthens the normal structure of your nails and will make them look beautiful and healthy. Everyone knows how much your fingernails and toenails can affect your self-confidence. Moreover, thanks to its handy size, you can easily carry it in your purse to take care of your nails anywhere. Your nails will thank you.

Natural care for your well-being

We want our products to help you incorporate natural, healthy routines into your daily life. Rather than relying on chemical compositions, we formulate our products using modern science and proven natural ingredients. The foundation of your health is the use of all essential nutrients. Our products provide you with valuable vitamins and minerals that can help you in various areas of life. We do not focus on a single symptom, but develop our supplements with a holistic view. The Pedi Pen, like all our products, is cruelty-free, 100% vegan, and is produced in the heart of Germany. With Pedi Glam, you can rely on high-quality ingredients and superior quality.